How to grow your business
without getting overwhelmed

Self-employment can be an ideal lifestyle for a creative, sensitive person, giving you flexibility, autonomy, and creative control.

But if want your solo business to be a source of stability, meaning, and satisfaction for you, it must be sustainable. The articles below cover a range of topics related to creating a sustainably sensitive work life.

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3 ways a good list can help you prevent stress and overwhelm

I’ve written dozens of articles about self-care for highly sensitive people (HSPs), including the crucial basics of ample sleep, solitude, and self-compassion.  But looking back, I see I’ve never written about lists. And that is crazy, because I’m a huge fan of lists....

What 100 audition disappointments taught me about goals and spirituality

I worked incredibly hard over many years to win a principal oboe job. Ultimately, I failed at that goal. But along the way, the effort itself became a spiritual practice. In this 9-minute companion video to the article,  Chronically dissatisfied with yourself? You may be setting...

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What do you need to grow your business sustainably?

Running your solo business puts you in charge of countless decisions. When this responsibility feels overwhelming, mentoring can make all the difference.

The Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern (pictured), home of several thousand print works created by my favorite artist, is a perfect visual metaphor for your sustainably sensitive business. It is built seamlessly into its environment, sustained by parallel synergistic structures that provide both strength and soaring spaciousness.

You, too, need a clear vision, with elegantly efficient structures and supports in place so that your business harmonizes with your sensitive life, leaving you ample spaciousness and breathing room. I help you identify your business needs, from the nuts and bolts of time-saving record-keeping systems to the architectural vision of your long-term goals, then connect to your spiritual intuition to discover the right next steps forward.

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