Does anxiety drown out your connection to your Inner Source?

Whatever your profession, if you are creative, empathic, and sensitive to others, you have the self-awareness to notice when you are caught in anxiety or in what I call “small-d depression.”

Not “big-D” clinical depression, but the low moods that make it hard to get out of bed and hard to feel positive about yourself or your life. These low moods can become their own source of anxiety, especially if you cant  figure out how to change these patterns and your efforts seem like they are just making things worse.

If you are like my clients, you’re missing a key piece of understanding about these patterns: at the root  of any painful, stuck place in your life, there is a disconnection from your Inner Source. You may call this source spiritual, or you may experience it simply as an inner knowing. Whatever you call it, you know all too well how it feels to try to navigate your complex daily life when you are cut off from this essential place in yourself.

Something feels “off” in your life

  • You feel chronically anxious, worried, ill at ease or low

entrepreneur stress overwhelm

  • You are tired, unfocused, or overwhelmed at work, and distracted or irritable in your relationships
  • You are harsh with yourself and feel discouragement, anxiety, and shame
  • You have trouble making decisions
  • You feel vulnerable and insecure around others
  • You avoid conflict even when it means giving yourself up,  because other’s anger or disapproval is so painful for you

These are all symptoms of disconnection from your Inner Source.  The more clearly you see this, the more you realize you can’t truly thrive in your life without this connection. Yet it feels like a butterfly landing on your shoulder. It’s incredible when it happens, but seems completely out of your control.

But is it really out of your control? Or are you just missing some key information and skills? In this video, I explain the missing link:

You want that feeling of “YES!” that comes from your inner knowing…

You so want to feel calm yet energized and purposeful, to enjoy harmonious, open, mutual relationships, and to go through your days feeling creative and effective. To feel that deep inner rightness as you go about living your daily life, you need consistent connection to your Inner Source. And that comes from understanding, accepting, and knowing how to manage  your sensitivity.

Emilly Agnew
Hi, I’m Emily Agnew. I’m a mentor, teacher, Focusing guide, professional musician…and a highly sensitive person. 

I’ve worked with other sensitive people since  2001, helping them move from that murky state of overwhelm, confusion, and self doubt, back to the calm, energized flow that comes from connection to their Inner Source.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a client make that shift, because I know all too well how stressful life gets when you are cut off from your inner knowing.  In my many years as a professional musician, I practiced for thousands of hours and reached a high level of skill and expressiveness. Yet I suffered terrible anxiety and self-doubt which too often caused me to perform under my potential. Worst of all, I was in the dark about how to change that.

But there were a few golden moments when I somehow found that flow again. It took me a long time to realize the spiritual nature of that connection. But it was so profoundly satisfying and so exhilarating that I searched patiently for years to find a reliable way to return to it. It’s called Focusing.

Focusing is an inner process you can learn that enables you to access your embodied inner knowing. Focusing  is an incredible boon to sensitive people. I’ve written more about that in an article called The 12 Reasons Sensitive People Love Focusing. But take my word for it: I’ve tried a lot of things, and this is the single most powerful one I’ve found to not only manage but to thrive as a sensitive person.

As you  connect to your embodied wisdom through Focusing, your anxiety fades, your depression lifts, and you feel a growing sense of well-being and energy. That’s what you can look forward to in Luminos Listening 1:1 sessions, intensives, and Focusing classes designed specifically for sensitive people.

Emily, I’m just amazed how quickly you get me. You helped me see my strengths and language them in such an eloquent way that it helped me change how I thought about myself. And that helped raise my confidence to take the steps I needed to take, to launch this program.”

∼CV, Vice President at Non Profit, Oakland, California

In our work together, you will…

  • Learn the surprisingly simple way you can create inner peace for yourself–any time, anywhere
  • Gain a new understanding of your thought process that will radically change your energy and creativity
  • Learn about tools and step-by-step practice to harness the tremendous power of your mind in service of your higher purpose
  • Get life-transforming information about the trait of sensitivity and how it affects everything you do
  • Experience first-hand the energy and inspiration of connection to your vision and purpose
  • Take actions that are more effective, efficient, and grounded–yet leave you feeling more light and more free

What next?

If you’d like to learn more, I recommend you download my free report, Master Your Anxiety and Love Yourself As Much As Your Dog Loves You (Even If You Don’t Have A Dog)It goes into depth about the unique reasons you get anxious,  and how you can transform that anxiety to creative energy. Then read more about who I work with on the page called Is this you?